So before I get into anything I want to say that I admire both of these players.  Jayson Shaw and Shane Van Boening are both stand up guys and two of the best players in the world.  Jayson I met while enjoying the Burger From Hell at Snooker's in Rhode Island before I really knew him and I talked with him for a little.  Shane I have met a few times but the first time was the day he played the exhibition match against Mike Dechaine at Snooker's in Rhode Island.  I look forward to seeing these two play for years to come.

Jayson Shaw ended up playing Shane Van Boening in Round 10 of the 2018 9-Ball Tournament at the Derby City Classic.  It was rack your own with a plastic rack. So in the rules eyes as long as the one ball is on the spot and the 9 ball is in the middle you need to get it as tight as a rack as you can get it.  Sometimes due to nerves or table wear you are unable to get a completely tight rack. Part of me understands where Shaw is coming from as he believes Shane was able to manipulate the rack to have those spaces to guarantee a wing ball every time.

Here is the infamous picture that Shaw took of the rack in question.

As you can see there is a little gap around the 2 and the 3 ball.  So the L is in tact to throw the 3 ball into that corner pocket as it does around the 42 minute mark of the video below.  To be honest with you I do not blame the person racking for this, I blame the rack.  While I may be wrong as I have been in the past I don't think Shane would cheat on purpose. I am sure his adrenaline was running at that moment as he was pretty much just called a cheat by Shaw so racking while this is happening can always be a difficult task. What Shaw did is almost an attempt to shark Van Boening because after a rack was put in place he walked over and disrupted it because he didn't like how Shane racked it.  So a person when they rack would attempt the best rack they could and after inspection if it was as he liked then shoot otherwise try to get them closer again and see what happens. I hope to one day be able to study and understand the racking part of the game as these two do.

Being down 7-1 can make anyone upset and look for an excuse as to why the match isn't going their way. Too much moisture in the air, I just kept chicken winging it, he kept getting all the rolls, or even the table is not level are all excuses I have heard as well as used a few myself. But it is only you against the table when you are shooting, you both are playing on the same table with the same balls and the same rack.  Only a handful of differences are there so who do you truly have to blame? Unless you never get to a table in a match is really the only time you can blame someone else because you never had a chance.

Jayson Shaw 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (1) - Shane Van Boening 🇺🇸 (1) | Derby City Classic 2018 | 9-BALL

Crazy thing happened in the end of the match...must see Round 10 of 9-ball on Derby City Classic 2018.

Update: I added the video still so that people could see for themselves that the rack in the picture is indeed the rack from the video.